Monday, November 30, 2009

Why has it become so difficult to find Korres Watercress moisturizer in the U.S.?

Korres' Watercress potent moisturizer is truly the best moisturizer for extremely dry and flaky facial skin. It was the only thing that worked for me and I even got my parents hooked on it for their mature skin. I purchased it regularly from Sephora stores for them and myself, but they suddenly stopped carrying it, both online and in stores. I then searched for it online, but it seems that everywhere in the U.S. that used to carry it has gone out of stock and hasn't restocked it in over two years. The few places that does has marked the price WAY up due to ';extremely limited quantities.'; It seems that European retailers still carry the product regularly, but I'm worried about shopping online internationally. What happened to the product in the U.S.? Anyone know where I can still buy it at a decent price in the U.S.? I would really love to find and purchase it again. Thanks.Why has it become so difficult to find Korres Watercress moisturizer in the U.S.?
look on they have discontinued products also

Which color of this Korres mascara should I purchase?

Im considering buying Korres deep color mascara from sephora (BTW is it any good?). Here is the link:鈥?/a>

I have Hazel eyes with dark brown lashes. The two colors I am considering are green-gray and blue-black. I want my eyes to look more green than brown (they are pretty equal naturally). Please only suggest one of these two colors Im not interested in another color.

Thanks SO much!

Also if youve purchased their lip products are they any good?Which color of this Korres mascara should I purchase?
I think you should get the green-gray. It looks like it has enough green in it that it should bring out the green in your eyes.

Korres skincare products...?

Korres skincare products...?

anybody ever use them? if you have acne prone/combo. skin what products are good? i am thinking about buying some products from korres. i have sensitive skin, so i have to stay away from gels, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl per....etcKorres skincare products...?
I have used many of them and I love them all. None of them have ever broken my combination skin out. Mainly I use the evening primrose eye cream, the sugar crystal multivitamin skin cream at night, and the pomegranate balancing moisturizer or the alpine herbs moisturizer. All of them smell great are are very gentle. I buy them at Sephora. If you have a sephora near you, go see them and ask for small samples of a few different products to take home and try.
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  • Korres =mica?

    Does the makeup brand Korres use mica in their powdered formula cosmetics?

    If so, do you know who doesn't?

    (It irritates my skin).Korres =mica?
    mica is used in their stuff i think. try bare minerals or anything organic like NVEY ECO

    Anybody used Korres cleansers & moisturiser? Whats your opinion?

    I have not used their facial products but I have used body stuff and was incredibly impressed. There is always amazing feedback on them too.

    Does the Korres shop in Attica shopping center in Athens still exists?

    where girls make fasi with each others?Does the Korres shop in Attica shopping center in Athens still exists?
    I've recently heard that no.

    Anyone use Korres products?

    They say their all natural, but are they good??? The lady at Sephora was really trying to sell me on it, lolAnyone use Korres products?

    Aww, they always try to push products!!!!

    But Korres is actually one of the better advertised ';all natural'; products. They do sometimes use fillers in their products, but I've used their Watermelon Sunscreen for Face - it broke me out, lol, but it was great for my body. Everything breaks out my face.

    Well except products from REN Skincare, try that =)

    Hope it helps!!!Anyone use Korres products?
    no sorry
    never heard of them
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